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War and Faith in Sudan

Written by Gabriel Meyer, with a note by Anne LaMott
Photography by James Nicholls
Eerdmans Pub. Co. | August 15th, 2005

This stirring account of a tragic civil war in Sudan is more than just a skillful journalist’s firsthand report on the human consequences of that war. Based on repeated visits to the Nuba people of central Sudan from 1998 through 2004, War and Faith in Sudan leads to a deeper understanding of the cultural, racial, and religious fault lines dividing populations all over the world today.

Gabriel Meyer merges a veteran war correspondent’s unflinching vision with a poet’s ability to see beneath the surface. Forty-four striking photographs by James Nicholls put a human face on the tragedy of modern Sudan. Meyer and Nicholls together offer a riveting personal view of current events with an eye to universal themes.

“So why look through another book of Africans barely surviving? Well, why read another poem? Why take another strenuous hike? We’re here to pay attention, bear witness and find our way to an authentic relationship with spirit. We’re here to grieve and cheer. So Jim Nicholls gives us these photographs from a remote part of Africa so we can see her cracks and her light and her shadows and see our own.” - Anne LaMott, author.

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Written by Gabriel Meyer
Photography by James Nicholls
ebook | November 27th, 2014

Photographs exploring moments between observers and the observed, shot across the world, in diverse countries and communities. Using photography, James set out to show how the act of observation is intuitive and universal, connecting us all, irrespective of our cultural or economic background.

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The Silence of Sudan

TRT: 12:00 | 2015

A short documentary based on James's 1999 visit to Sudan to photograph the Dinka and Nuer tribes on the Nile River plain and in the Nuba mountains. The Sudan War has been raging for decades, continuing to consume the lives of the Sudanese people. Who are these people? Will they be lost to human history? James attempts to answer these questions.

In Search of the Unseen

TRT: 6:11 | 2015

A short documentary based on a gallery show in Paris. James introduces his work and explores the creative source of life and the Unseen.

Art & Death: Day of All Souls

TRT: 12:50 | 2015

A short photo montage of the Day of the Dead, or All Souls Day, in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

This is a work showing celebrations, joy and the life of the living body, while we remember those who have passed on.

Sudan 1999

TRT: 14:14 | 2015

This suite of images is a memoir of the visit James made to Sudan in 1999. The war was a continual treat. Bombs maimed and killed children. However, life pressed on with dignity and courage. James photographed a little boy standing by a plane that would take him back to his home far away. And he hoped that the intangibles, in whatever form they could take, might embrace him and the many others he met.